Christmas catch-up…

Haven’t updated the blog for a few days because, well, you know, IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!! Have to go AFK (look that acronym up, younglings!) sometimes… ๐Ÿ™‚

But, now the Big DFay is history, we can catch up on what Curiosity has been doing. Which is, basically, taking lots of pictures of rocks. Not just any rocks tho – very interesting looking rocks, with lots of mineral shinyness inside and under them. But we’ll come back to those. First, a couple of wide angle views showing where Curiosity is parked up at the moment… As ever, click on the image to bring up another page, featuring just that image, and then enlarge THAT by clicking the link just above it…

pano dec25 b

pano dec 25

Now, just before Christmas Curiosity took the most detailed images yet of one of the bizarre-looking “burst bubbles” we’ve been seeing now we’re inside Glenelg. Take a look at this…

Dec 23 bubble met

Love that. Haven’t got a clue what it *is*, but love it… ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, back to that mineraly goodness… take a look at this image (which is a stitched mosaic of two separate images), and look closely at the rocky ledge/overhang top left… and you’ll see there’s a quite beautiful bright mineral vein running through it…

pano dec 26 mineral ledge

Computer… zoom in… and enhance…

pano dec 26 mineral ledge crop

Oh, that’s pretty, isn’t it? C’monmission geologists, you *really* need to be telling us what you’re showing in these beautiful pictures. You’re being way, way too quiet.

…and finally…

Christmas has come and gone, but I’m hoping that on Christmas morning, somewhere in the world a space-mad boy or girl was sitting beside their Christmas tree and unwrapping a toy rocket, or a book, or a dvd, which will inspire them to go on and learn enough about space and astronomy to enable them to go to Mars one day, and visit and explore this amazing place for themselves…

pano dec 25 x2 sm

I hope you are all having a very Merry and safe Christmas!

msl head card

One thought on “Christmas catch-up…

  1. jmknapp says:

    Did you see this recent spaceref article?

    A quote from that article on the conglomerate rocks: “We have got 400 scientists on this mission and I guarantee you we have got 400 hypotheses of what those rocks are.”

    On the “light-toned fractured unit”: “The theories on what it could be have been are all over the map from mudstone formed in a lake to lava flows,”

    Taken at face value it would appear that they haven’t converged on a hyoptheis of what they are seeing yet.


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