A Curious peek under the ledge…

Well, we’re all still here. The world didn’t end. What a shock. It’s almost as if the whole Mayan calendar thing was absolute bo****ks from the start. But I guess that as long as there are idiots in the world eager to embrace such entrail-reading mumbo-jumbo, and as long as they let brain dead conspiracy theorist nutters who actually feel excited by the prospect of the world ending (and, you know, billions of people – including themselves! – dying) onto the internet, these stories will be popular. By the end of the day some other wide-eyed, lunatic, tome-clutching uneducated tit will have picked another date for Armageddon and all the people who believed the Mayan thing will latch onto that instead. I wish they’d all just grow up, don’t you?


In the real world, you know, the world of science and technology, which is a stunning place, there IS something to feel excited about: we have two (yes, two!) rovers on Mars, seeing incredible things and sending back new photos daily for us to drool over daily. One, Opportunity, is a solar-powered geologist, and has survived an incredible 9 years (almost) on the Red Planet, driving to, around, into and back out of several craters during a fascinating expedition of scientific discovery which is yet, I think, to enjoy its greatest moment. The other rover, Curiosity, is a nuclear-powered, laser-toting, monster truck, and it is exploring a huge crater called Gale, with a great beast of a mountain in its centre. That’s something people should be shouting about! Especially when the rover drives up a ledge, peers into the shadows beneath it, and sees this

cave veins

Look at those beautiful mineral veins running through the rock.

Mayan calendars? Ha. Veins of minerals shining and glittering in an ancient martian rock? Now THAT’S worth looking at!

2 thoughts on “A Curious peek under the ledge…

  1. Triassic says:

    Looks at those veins I’d predict we’ve gona have got a good old GOLD RUSH on our hand

  2. ted says:

    LOL!!! Stu!
    Nice and worthy rant about the Mayan crazies!!!
    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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