“What a piece of junk…”

Curiosity has been sending back some absolutely jaw-dropping images of martian rocks since the last time you looked in… or are they rocks? Has Curiosity found a spaceship on Mars? Not just any spaceship, but a famous one..?

Here’s a wide angle view of the area Curiosity is now taking a good close look at… You can see she’s extended her robot arm to begin her in-depth study…


Here’s what that rocky slab looks like up close… VERY close…


Now, let’s pull back and see this area properly… enlarge in the usual way (well, the new WordPress way – click image/image appears on its own page/click on link above image to see full size version) but prepare yourself, this is gorgeous…

pano dec19bw

See? Told you. But wouldn’t that eb even *more* gorgeous in colour..? Oh yes…

pano dec19 mf

Does that look familiar? Remind you of anything? How about…



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