The gateau layers of Gale…

Been a few days since I updated this blog, I know, but sometimes real life gets in the way! But since the last post Curiosity has been driving, and is now on the edge of an area called “Yellowknife Bay”, which is absolutely stunning. Here’s a magnificent panoramic mosaic put together by the incredibly talented Damien Bouic…


Now that’s pretty stunning, right? But if you stretch it vertically to bring out subtle details in the topography… well, you get this…

Sol124_postcard_web zsteretch

Wow… anyone else thinking “dried up river”? That’s beautiful, isn’t it?

But as beautiful as that is, when you look at some of these features in colour, well, they just leap out of the screen, grab you by the throat, and demand to be marveled at. Take a look at the following panoramic mosaics I’ve put together – you’ll need to click on them to enlarge them, and even then they might not enlarge properly because something has changed with WordPress’s display and I don’t know what yet or how to fix it. Anyway, take a look as best you can at the following… and seriously,  take a moment or two to just pour and drool over the many different rock types, textures and shapes, and be astounded by the sheer epic, noble beauty of the Barsoomian landscape…

pan dec 13

pan dec 13a

pano dec 13s

Let’s look at some of those features in 3D…

curve 3d b


So, as you can see, Curiosity has some *serious* geology ahead of her. Somewhere up ahead is a rock destined to go down in history as the first rock to be drilled by the first nuclear powered Mars rover…

Speaking of rocks, some more images of those strange ‘rock rings’ have come down, and we can now see them more clearly. I’ve put together two cropped images showing two of the features. I can’t help thinking they look like they were once complete stone domes, which have now all but collapsed and eroded away…

half domes

And there are much bigger whole rocks here too…


Fascinating, absolutely fascinating. SO much work to do here, so many incredible sights to see…

Go get ’em Curiosity!


One thought on “The gateau layers of Gale…

  1. Birgit says:

    Yes, Stu, fascinatingly, a River with Trees giving shade, for long, long Time……on Martian…in Gale.

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