Bubbles and bumps…

Curiosity is on the move again, and has reached what looks to be a pretty spectacular and fascinating place. Mars image magician Damien Bouic assembled a bucketload of new MSL images into this beautiful, sweeping panorama, which you’ll need to click on to enlarge and see in all its glory…


Oh, there’s SO much amazing geology waiting here!! Just look at those layers and outcrops! Go get em Curiosity!

But wait… there is some weird stuff here too… What the heck is this?

bubble enh

Let’s zoom in on that…

bubble enh crop

Hmmm… ok… that looks like it was originally a bubble-like structure that either collapsed or just eroded away, doesn’t it? Or was there a rock there that got covered in dust, and when the rock eroded away over time it left a crust behind which has collapsed over time? No idea! But there are more than one of those things around Curiosity…

bubble enh2b

See? There are 4 of the critters visible just on that one small area… Fascinating!

Can’t wait to see what Curiosity sees next…! đŸ™‚


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