…and relax…

Well, the internet hasn’t actually melted yet, but lots of people are, as predicted, now speculating feverishly about what The Big News From Mars is, and when it will be announced to the world. That last one is easy to answer : according to Space.com it’s going to be announced at a big annual science conference being held at the beginning of December, so there’ll be nothing official until then, but I honestly will be *amazed* if at least some vague, wispy details of the discovery leak out before then; even as you read this blog post there will be people chipping away at the MSL team’s wall of secrecy, trying to make a hole big enough to wiggle their hand through and pull out something interesting.

But for now, at least, we don’t know anything more, so let’s all take a step back from the Grotzinger Interview and take a look at the beauty around us – at the beauty of the martian landscape itself. Some rather lovely new images have come back from Curiosity overnight (that’s overnight for me, living in the UK) which I’ve assembled into mosaics which, I hope, show the true beauty of Mars in general and the geology of the interior of Gale Crater in particular. So, dear reader, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse the following gallery of images and to wander around the martian landscape with me, as we walk alongside Curiosity and drink in the view… if you are old (and British!) enough to remember the “Gallery” music from ‘Vision On’ or ‘Take Hart’ you can hum that to yourself too… all the while, of course, wondering what amazing, Earth-shaking secrets lie beneath those rocks and the cinnamon- and paprika-hued dust they sit on…

One thought on “…and relax…

  1. Andyj says:

    Hello Stu, I’m not a member of unmannedspaceflight.com but an avid follower of MSL and “oppy”. We know what SAM can detect so if its not life, its rare and considered expensive.
    I’m not happy with that forum insofar as speculative fun on the MSL humour page would be in breach of rules. It’s a fantastic resource from the contributors, so on my behalf, please give my thanks.

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