Looking closely…

There are some really beautiful images coming back from Mars now, courtesy of Curiosity, and I don’t just mean the wide angle views of Gale Crater’s rim, mountain and rockfields. Some of the images zooming in on individual rocks are just as stunning, like this one…

See what I mean? Pretty impressive. Ah, but when you look at a smaller scale, such as right inside the trench dug by the rover’s dust scoop, you can see all sorts of martian jewels. Not *real* jewels, of course; I mean individual stones, of different shapes and colours, standing out against the orange and crushed digestive biscuit dust of the martian surface. Take a look – click on the image to enlarge it, and just enjoy looking at all the different grey, blue and tan colours of the stones down there…

Beautiful, isn’t it? Imagine you’re there, on Mars, inside Gale Crater, standing right next to Curiosity… you kneel down beside the rover, steadying yourself with a gloved hand on its cold metal side, and reach down with your other hand to trail it through the dust, picking up a handful of surface material. Some trickles through the gaps between your fingers, but there’s plenty left in the palm of your hand, and raising that hand up to your face, mere inches from your visor, you see all those small stones and chips of rock shining and glinting amidst the dust, little martian jewels shining in the golden sunlight…



2 thoughts on “Looking closely…

  1. Wow! I’m not sure which I prefer more, these fantastic close ups or the huge panoramic vistas.
    Now I don’t think we’ve found any evidence for life yet on Mars, but has anyone suggested yet that there’s a fossilized limb sticking out ground in that first picture? Now really, I _DO NOT_ think that is what we’re seeing here, it is just the wind sculpting the rock, but it does kind of resemble something doesn’t it?

  2. rob says:

    WOW! To be the human who sees all this for the first time would be mind blowing!!!

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