Dust and dents…

Some really pretty pictures came back from Mars over the last day or so. Curiosity is really sending back some lovely images now.

This one I like in particular because it is a super close-up view of the martian surface. So, just for a moment, imagine you’re on Mars, standing there beside Curiosity, and you catch sight of an interesting patch of dirt at your feet. Kneeling down in the dust you bend your head down so your helmet visor is almost touching the ground… and then click on the image below, because this is what you’d see a couple of inches from your face…

Next… a simply jaw-dropping view of Curiosity’s wheels (well, some of them!) standing proud on the floor of Gale Crater. I made a version with the horizon flattened to horizontal, but it didn’t have quite the same impact somehow, so just enjoy the orginal…

Now when I saw that image my first thought – my very first thought – was WOW! My second thought was “Owww… look at the state of those wheels…!” Look at this crop…

Bit beaten up, isn’t it? But no need to worry; those wheels are very sturdy, and those are just little dings. Curiosity won’t be pulling into the garage for a wheel change just yet.

Not that she, er, could, but you get the point! 🙂


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