Dreaming of mountains and moons…

Wow. The “arty” pictures are flowing back from Curiosity thick and fast now! Ok, so they’re not actually arty, that’s just how I’m seeing them. The images being taken at the moment are being taken under low lighting conditions, which, as any landscape photographer knows, is an absolute godsend: every rise and fall in the topography stands out, shadows are cast across the ground by anything daring to stand higher than a blade of grass, and the sky just shines.

Which is how Curiosity is taking beautiful pictures like this…

And photograph the horizon like this…

That low light angle is also helping pick out features in the landscape which haven’t really stood out before. See the rocky mound top left? There’s a crater blasted out of it, we can see much more clearly now…

That’s pretty special, isn’t it? What would be even more special would be seeing a great sweep of the base of Mt Sharp at that resolution… Here you go… click to enlarge, as usual…

And some “arty” black and white crops of that view, just because I can… 😉

Want to see something even *more* amazing? Take a look at this…

I know what you’re thinking… “Huh? What? What am I looking for?” I’ll give you a hand…

That, dear readers, is Phobos, the largest moon of Mars. Hard to see against the bright sky, but unmistakeably Phobos. Cropping the image and darkening it etc brings out the moon more clearly…

If you enlarge that by clicking on it you can even see acrater on the moon’s terminator. Just amazing.

What a rover, and what a camera.


2 thoughts on “Dreaming of mountains and moons…

  1. Monica,Houston,Texas says:

    Absolutely beautiful, but eerie – so alone, but at last life is viewing our strange early cousin.

  2. Well that is a pretty amazing camera on that rover out there. I know Phobos is a lot nearer to Mars than our own moon, but it’s also about 100 times smaller too. Those crates can’t be more than a mile or two in diameter at the most.

    Thanks for this brilliant new blog Stu!

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