Remembering Jake

If you’ve read the most recent “MER UPDATE” by Mars over chronicler extraordinaire AJS Rayl, over on The Planetary Society’s blog, you’ll have read a touching and emotional tribute to NASA scientist Jake Matijevic, who died recently. During a teleconference with the Curiosity team today, it was announced that a large rock spotted right in front of the rover has been named after the scientist as a tribute.

Here’s a clearer, enhanced view of “Jake”…

Wanna see it in 3D? Of course you do…

Over the next few days we’re going to be seeing a LOT more of this riock, which is about a foot across. Curiosity is going to study it in great detail, taking images with various cameras, and then using some of its suite of scientific instruments to study and analyse it. That little feller there might end up being, in a week or so, the most heavily studied rock on Mars in history. Watch this space for a lot more pictures of it.


One thought on “Remembering Jake

  1. Annie Wynn says:

    Thanks for the link to the tribute to Jake, I had missed it. I do love reading about the people behind the rovers.

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