More MSL magic!

For the second day running we have a huge batch of crystal clear, hi resolution, colour images from Curiosity to drool over! Images like this…


Lovely detail visible on the hills in the background there.

So, if you take 21 of those, stitch them together and tidy ’em up a bit, what do you get? This… (you’ll need to click on it to enlarge it, as you probably guessed..!)

One section of that panorama stands out – over on the right hand side, where we can see some of thefoothills of Mt Sharp in really lovely detail. Take a look..

But not just horizon shots came down today, some more close-ups of the surface came back too…

Coming soon: images showing Mars’ largest moon, Phobos, crossing the face of the Sun…!


4 thoughts on “More MSL magic!

  1. coacervate says:

    Great pics thanks. when will the first data on organics be available? will you present that here? Weeks, months or years?

  2. coacervate says:

    this is really good. to my untrained eye that largish stone in the upper left corner of the bottom image looks like granite! I hope you attract some geologists….Pic are great. Science even more so!

    Great Blog, thanks!

  3. Giuseppe says:

    Wonderful blog! Thanks for these extraordinary pictures!
    Can I ask you a comment about the strange “rock” in pan-sep14.jpg? Looks really like weird to me. Here a (badly enhanced) detail:


  4. Giuseppe says:

    Fantastic pictures! Do you have an enhanced view about the strange rock in pan-sept14.jpg? Here’s a crop:

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