Magnificent Mars…

Oh boy…
A whole bunch of images came back from Curiosity today that… wait for it… YOU CAN SEE ACTUAL ROCKS ON!!! Yes, real images of Mars, rocks, dust and sky, that aren’t ruined by that godawful migraine-inducing cross-hatch Bayer filter pattern!! Here’s one of them…

YES! Look at that! THAT’S what we’ve been missing! THAT’S what we’ve wanted to see from the start, isn’t it? Maybe the calibration phase is over, and this is the beam of light at the end of the Bayer tunnel, and from now on we’ll be seeing lots more images that don’t need a James Bond gadget to see them… hope so!

Anyway, a whole bunch of these came down, like I said, and to my delight they all linked up to form a big, biiiiiiiig panoramic mosaic. And here it is. Obviously you’ll need to click on it to enlarge it… and I’ll warn you, it’s a big image, you can kiss the next few minutes goodbye because you’ll be panning around it for a while…

I love that picture, it really is the first real mosaic I’ve made which does Curiosity’s hunting ground justice. I really, really hope we get more images like those soon.

In the meantime, some more simple black and white images came back too, but thes were also without the Bayer filter effect, so I was able to stack a few together, sharpen them up, and what came out the other end was a rather breathtaking view of the dusty terrain between where Curiosity is and the foothills of Mt Sharp.

There’s a lot of detail in that image that hasn’t been apparrent before. Those dust dunes are… big, aren’t they? That’s not going to be straightforward driving; those dunes are nothing like the gentle, ankle-dusting dunes seen and crossed by Opportunity as she rolled towards Cape York. Those guys mean business.

More soon – and more images, I’m sure; Curiosity is just about checked out, and will start driving serious distances soon.

Buckle up. It’s about to get interesting… 🙂


One thought on “Magnificent Mars…

  1. ted says:

    Huh! Just finally saw this post and I have to say that the black and white photo at the end is incredible. Kudos to you for stitching it together like you did. What an amazing shot of incredible terrain. Thats MARS we are looking at. The scientists were right to choose this landing area. What a treasure trove of varied and interesting terrain.

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