Look at *me*!!!

Curiosity is taking, and sending back, a LOT of beautiful images of herself. Not because she’s vain or anything; they’re essential for the rover’s team to check that she’s in good health and ready to start the next leg of her journey across the floor of Gale Crater, to Glenelg, the region where three different types of geology come together to form one big choolate eclair of a science target. Rather than show those here, just for the sake of it, I’ll direct you to a website set up by one of the brilliant members of the unmannedspaceflight forum, which displays images from MSL almost “live” as they reach Earth and are displayed by JPL. If you’re serious about following Curiosity’s adventure on Mars, or if you just want to drop in on her from time to time to see what she’s up to, this is the place to go…

knapp msl viewer

That’s the site I use, rather than the official MSL one, because it’s laid out so much better, and actually flags up “new” images which have come in since the last time you visited. It’s brilliant! Anyway, take a look there now and you’ll see lots of hi-resolution pictures of Curiosity’s own hardware, which are crystal clear and really show what a magnificent piece of engineering the rover is.

But I’m happy to see that Curiosity is now sending back a few hi resolution colour images of the actual surface of Mars now, too! There are still lots of those godawful ghostly-grey, Bayer filtered, cross-hatched effing monstrosities, but over the last couple of days a couple of lovely colour images of, well, you know, real martian **rocks** ! Images like this..

Yaaay! Look at those rocks! And you don’t need to run it through a Cray supercomputer, or cast a magic spell on it to see them! Here’s another…

And another one, which zooms in on the rocks shown above…

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!! Look at those colours, at the textures and shapes of, and in, the rocks! You can almost feel that dust can’t you? Almost feel like you’re breathing it in. That‘s what Mars is really like – a dusty, dry desert. I love that picture. Hopefully there’ll be a lot more like it appearing for us to enjoy soon! šŸ™‚


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