A portrait of Mt Sharp

It’s already well-established that we can’t – and may never – see the actual summit of Mt Sharp, the mountain which juts up out of the centre of Gale Crater, but we finally have some good colour views of the *front* of the mountain, as seen by Curiosity. Here, then, is a colour portrait of Mt Sharp, as it’s being seen by Curiosity… click to enlarge, as usual…

The colours are pretty muted in that version (though not as muted as on the original ‘raw’ images) so let’s boost everything, just a bit, to bring out some detail…

Over on the right of the image is the area of the foothills of Mt Sharp which will be Curiosity’s eventual destination. Some close-up images of that reagion came back today too, which I made into this…

Just think… in maybe a year or so, Curiosity could be wending her way through those mesas and buttes, working her way up the lower slopes of Mt Sharp towards that Light Toned Unit ( come on, MSL guys, we need a better name than that by now!)… we’ll see some sights then, I’m sure..!

More pictures soon.


One thought on “A portrait of Mt Sharp

  1. Fred says:

    Hi Stuart,

    I’ve been following your Oppy blog for a while and now I also read this blog on a daily basis. Great job, keep it up


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