Less than an hour to go…

It’s now 05.45 here in the UK, and I’ve just got up again after catching a handful of hours sleep before the landing of MSL Curiosity. Outside it’s another grey, overcast, drizzly, murky Lake District morning. Halfway across the solar system, Curiosity is now barreling in towards Mars, and is not being “talked to” by anyone on Earth any more. She’s in control of her own destiny. And she’s very much on her own.
Around the world, countless tens of thousands – hey, maybe even millions, what do you think? – of people are, like myself, glued to NASA TV, watching a mix of interviews with NASA and MSL people, and live feeds from the control room. There’s lots of talk of how we’ll know if MSL has landed, when we’ll know, what we should look out for.I think we’ll know she’s down safely when our speakers shatter with the sound of all those engineers and scientists cheering and whooping, and we see everyone in the control room leaping off their seats, punching the air and hugging their neighbours, don’t you? 😉

So… here we are… Nothing we can do except watch, and keep everything crossed. Oh, and support the MSL team by following tradition and eating the obligatory NASA-approved food during the next hour or so. Personally, I can’t stand the crunchy, bitter, brittle little monsters, but hey, needs must, and I have some help too…


One thought on “Less than an hour to go…

  1. Monica,Houston,Texas says:

    I was on pins and needles waiting to see if Curiosity made it – and she did. I’m sure she’s going to find very interesting features.

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