A New Adventure Begins…

Welcome to “The Gale Gazette“, a blog which will follow the mission of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory, “Curiosity” as it explores Gale Crater on the red planet.

Unlike my other blog, “The Road to Endeavour“, which follows the ongoing mission of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover “Opportunity”, this blog will not be updated daily, or even almost daily; “RtE” takes up so much time that I simply wouldn’t be able to keep two blogs going at that pace! Instead, Gale Gazette will be updated occasionally, basically whenever something happens at Gale that I feel I want to write about, or when some new pictures come back from Curiosity which I feel moved to share, or work with to create the same sort of panoramas, 3D anaglyphs or colourisations I have over on RtE.

If you want daily updates, or masses of pictures, there will be other blogs and websites “out there” offering those, I’m sure, and when they’re up and running I’ll post links to them here. But Gale Gazette will not be a daily read, it’ll be a place to come to for more personal coverage of the mission.

There may come a time when I have to stop writing Road To Endeavour – and it’s obvious what would lead to that, but I’m not even going to write the words! – then I’ll more than likely update this blog more often. But for now, this will be updated on a “whenever” basis.

So, here we are! A new blog to celebrate, and record, a new adventure on Mars! I hope you’ll come here often, to check what’s happening at Gale. I think Curiosity has an amazing adventure ahead of her, an adventure we’ll be able to share thanks to the generosity of the science team behind her being willing to share her images and results. Curiosity is going to climb a mountain, in search of an answer to one of the most fundamental and exciting questions in science – could Mars once have supported life?

But first, of course, she has to land


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